Obama, like Lenin, says one-party control needed

OBAMA SAYS ONE-PARTY CONTROL NEEDED – President Obama told MSNBC’s Chris Matthews that Republicans are to blame for the failings of ObamaCare and other national problems. Obama said making concessions on his signature entitlement program was “out of the question.” The way forward, the president said, was to end divided government. “In our history, usually when we’ve made big progress on issues, it actually has been when one party controlled the government for a period of time,” he said. “The big strides we made in the New Deal, the big strides we made with the Great Society – those were times when you had a big majority.”


“The most ‘progress’ made was when the glorious revolution (of 1905) they converted the party system into just The Party, the Soviet, and just took control of the government. That was the dream of my father about America. Too bad we don’t have those days anymore. We can if you’ll let me.” -Obama at home with surrogate mother, sister-wife, and poison-whisperer, Valerie Jarrett.


via ‘Lead from the back – and let others believe they are in front’ | Fox News.

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