Outrageously biased reporting, as seen on:

CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, NBC, CBS, ABC, Neo-Pinko Radio, PBS, The Guardian, Al Jazeera, Washington Post, and clickbait wanna-blogs like Buzzfeed, Zsa Zsa Huffington Post, Politico, etc.

The editors of Politicklish.com provide links and commentary on curated political news and events of the day as frequently as our time allows. As we find information or a link that strikes us as something we would have liked brought to our attention, we will gladly pass it on to yours through this site.

Our headline tone and style, in case it isn’t obvious, parodies the hysteria, cherry-picking, spin, and hyperbole we’ve found that the Leftist “news” outlets use to manipulate every narrative to fit their agenda. We may not always feel precisely what our headlines express, but the project aims to imitate the one-sided deceptive vitriol we see from the Liberal media. We parody the hysterical with hysteria. Biased hysteria is an accurate description of the Leftist media.

Politicklish is the way the news would look if the Leftist media were Right.

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